Centro de Lenguas Modernas

The city of Granada and the Modern Language Centre of the University of Granada (CLM) provide an ideal setting for learning Spanish, thanks to a unique combination of history and culture —as well as the social and academic environment afford by University life — all of which will play a key role in enabling your total immersion in Spanish language and culture. Your resulting levels of motivation will do the rest, and at the same time make a positive contribution to your academic record, thanks to the ECTS credits given by the UGR for participation in CLM’s specially-designed CELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) courses for International Mobility students..

Additionally, the CLM offers a wide range of different courses which can help you immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture, or even learn other languages during your Erasmus stay at the University of Granada. Among others, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Swedish are all available to you at the special discounted rate enjoyed by students of the UGR. Furthermore, the CLM offers a wide range of internationally-accredited Spanish language exams that will allow you to obtain an official language certificate during your time in Granada. These include both the DELE and SIELE, as well as our own official online bi-level B1/B2 accreditation exam, the eLade.

It is also possible to accredit most of the other languages taught at the CLM through a wide range of official certificates such as TOEFL, Cambridge, TOEIC, PLIDA, TCF or NOKEN.

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