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Unlike at many other universities that have just one main library, every UGR faculty has its own library with degree-related resources. We also recommend that you visit our Main Library at the “Hospital Real” — the seat of our Rectorate. To borrow books you must provide your UGR student card.

  • There’s an online catalogue to locate the books you need at
  • You can access the library’s online resources using a VPN connection.
  • You can also access over 9,000 theses and other works in our institutional repository:
  • At the libraries you can use the computers with internet conection.
  • Our Library organises activities such as book clubs and bookcrossings.

Study Rooms

If you can’t concentrate at home, the Vice-Rectorate for Student Services and Employability provides large study rooms all year round so you can study in a suitable environment.

During exam periods most campuses provide additional spaces with extended hours (8 am to 6 am).

  • Espacio V Centenario: From Monday to Sunday, from 08:30 to 13:00, from 15:00 to 20:00 and from 22:00 to 06:00.
  • Study Room at Health Sciences Technology Park (PTS) University Campus: From Monday to Sunday, from 08:30 to 13:00 from 15:00 to 20:00 h.

To access these study rooms you must present your UGR student ID.

Learn Languages

Centro de Lenguas Modernas

The UGR offers a wide range of courses to help you improve your Spanish or learn other languages.

Improving your Spanish will help you make the most of your classes and open up new career opportunities. The Modern Languages Centre (CLM) of the University of Granada offers Spanish and other language courses with special prices for the UGR community.

If you wish to officially accredit your level of Spanish before leaving Granada, through CLM you can take the official online eLADE exam for B1 and B2 levels, as well as DELE and SIELE exams from the Cervantes Institute. As well as Spanish, at CLM you can also officially accredit your level in ten other languages.

All courses and activities at CLM are available on their website.

Confucius Institute

You can learn Chinese and accredit your level at the Confucius Institute and participate in many activities that are popular among the university community, including Chinese New Year celebrations.

Centre of Slavic Cultures

Another prestigious centre at the UGR is the “Russkiy Mir” Russian Centre, where you can learn beginners to advanced Russian and accredit your level. The Centre also strives to promote Russian culture in Granada through cultural and academic activities, available on their web.

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